Web Design Pricing

How Much Does Custom Web Design Cost?

Our web design projects range from $2,500 to upwards of $100k depending on the scope of the project.

The main factors that go into scoping a project are the total number of pages for the site, the total number of unique page templates, rounds of revision, any kind of unique functionality you may need for the project and the degree of the level of user experience strategy you may need for the project. Let’s take a moment to explain what each one of those elements means and how it impacts your project.

Total Number Of Pages:

The total number of pages is pretty straight forward. Any time you click something and go to another URL on your website, that counts as a page. This can be things like Home, About, Services, etc… but can also be things like each individual team member, or each portfolio item, if they each have a separate page.

How Much Does Web Design Cost?
We Dream In Pixels Total Number Of Unique Page Designs

Total Number Of Unique Page Designs:

More important than total number of pages is the concept of unique page designs. A page design is a template or framework for a design. If you think of your facebook profile page, that is a unique page design. Everyone uses that same page design for their facebook profile, so the overall design is the same, but the content you have on your profile page is unique to you. What we would do for you is design and develop your own unique page designs which you would use to populate the various pages on your site. The greater the number of unique page templates you need, the more it will impact the scope of the project.

Rounds of Revision:

Each unique page design comes with a certain number of rounds of revision for the design process. The greater the number of revisions, the more it will impact the scope of the project.

We Dream In Pixels Rounds Of Revision 1
We Dream In Pixels Unique Functionality

Unique Functionality:

Unique functionality can be pretty broad as a concept. This can be anything from front-end design functions, such as having SVG animations on buttons, to backend functions such complex database work that spits out custom information based on a set of user queries. An easy way to think about it is, the more ‘regular’ a website you need the less expensive it will be. The more you need the site to perform or display in an usual way, the more costly it typically is.


Some businesses are more complex than others. For regular businesses that have a simple objective, such as generating a lead for a dental appointment, then there isn’t that much strategy required. It’s not really a mystery what the person on the site is looking for and what their next step should be. But for larger, more technical or more B2B oriented companies the customer lifecycle can me much more complex. In those cases there needs to be a strategic element to understand who your various user types are and where they are on their buying journey when they come to the website. This type of high-level strategy is more complex and requires more time and greater expertise in the process.

We Dream In Pixels Strategy

Website Design Pricing Table

Below is a rough outline of our pricing based on different project scopes.










Page Templates

Up to 2

Up to 4

Up to 3

Up to 10

Rounds of Revision

Up to 2

Up to 5

Up to 4

Up to 7

Custom Graphics
Stock Image Sourcing







Up to 5

Up to 15

Up to 25 product and 6 standard pages

Up to 50 pages

Additional Pages

$250 per page

$200 per page

$125 per product and $150 per standard page

$125 per page

XML Sitemaps Submissions
Content Pull
Content Population
On-Page SEO

Site Development





Premium WordPress Theme (If Applicable)
Mobile Responsive
CRM Integration
Email Marketing Integration
Sell Products
Chatbot Integration
Unique Back-End Development
Payment Processing

Project Management





Dedicated Project Manager
Detailed Tutorial Videos or Training
User Experience Strategy
Discounted Monthly Maintenance

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A Word Or Two On Opportunity Cost

Warren Buffet, the world’s greatest business investor and the second richest person on the planet, said that the key to making good business decisions is understanding Opportunity Cost. Opportunity Cost is not just asking ‘Will I get a good return on my investment?’ it is asking the question ‘Of all the things I could do with this money, is this the overall best thing I could do?’

      So, when choosing a new website designer the question most people ask is ‘How much to design a website?’ but that’s actually not the best question to ask. The real question to ask is ‘Which website is going to produce the most value for my business overall?’

If someone gets a “free” website, they might think they got a better deal than someone who paid $10,000 for their website. But the $10,000 website might have generated more traffic, more leads and more business than the “free” website and regarding total dollars, the “free” website might have cost the business $100,000 in lost business it might have otherwise gained.


As you can see website design pricing is a little all over the map. It’s hard to have an apples to apple comparison because the quality of what you get is so different from one option to the next.

                                     First, consider your goals for the project and the value of your time. Next put together a budget that works for you and that you can afford. Finally, search for a solution that works with your given budget and goals. It may not be the perfect solution, but it could be the perfect solution for your situation right now. If you have a website project you need help with and you think our pricing may be a fit for you, please inquire about our Free Mockup Offer and how we will make a custom mockup of your new website at no cost and with no future obligation. Read below to learn more.

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