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Chatbots are essentially a set of automated rules that interact with people on chat. Chatbots leverage the power of software and increasingly, AI, to reduce the human workload on business areas such as customer service and technical support.

          Facebook Messenger chatbots are the hottest marketing channel to hit the digital marketing scene in the last ten years. This is because people are used to interacting with friends and businesses on chat apps. They have the biggest reach, the highest level of engagement, the greatest amount of power, and the least amount of cost of any marketing channel anywhere. 

          Chatbots save you time, can seamlessly onboard your clients, can segment your audience, filter out weak leads, can scale your business, schedule complimentary consultations, and increase your revenue. All without having to lift a finger.

           Allow Growth Citadel, a top chatbot development company to turn your website and Facebook page into a selling machine with a Messenger or AI chatbot, allowing visitors to quickly start a conversation with your brand.

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“Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.” - Mark Zuckerberg

Mobile messaging apps (including Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, and Instagram) are massive. The largest services have hundreds of millions to billions of monthly active users, and as a result messaging apps are one of the fastest growing platforms for digital marketing. Falling data prices, cheaper devices, and improved features are also helping propel their growth. Posting on social media is no longer the optimal method for high customer engagement. The stratospheric ad spend required to compete on Facebook advertising is getting out of hand.

            Messaging apps are the present and the future of digital marketing thus integrating chatbots with these messaging apps is the ticket to high-success marketing. Just as the first companies to adopt websites in the 90s were soon leaving their competitors far behind, the early adopters of chatbots will be rewarded as the market matures.  As more and more people get accustomed to interacting with an intelligent bot, bot-less businesses will look outdated and out of touch.

This is why we partnered with a Martech ‘Best New Technology’ award-winning bot solution to create highly efficient, yet affordable chatbots for our clients to help take their marketing efforts to the next level.

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The best and most effective way of using chatbots is by integrating the chatbots into your larger strategy. While micro-actions are quite effective as well, chatbots have the ability to collect essential information that can create multiple marketing and remarketing opportunities. 

         While basing everything on chatbots is unwise, it is most essential to make it a large part of your strategy due to its versatility. The main thing is to keep the voice of the chatbot in sync with the voice of your brand.

If You Serve Customers, You Need A Chatbot.

The statistics speak for themselves, take a look below to see why so many brands are embracing the bots…

Not everyone who starts chatting on your website will turn out to be a valuable lead.

     A chatbot can help qualify leads by guiding them through a series of questions. Even a certain contact isn’t a lead right now, they might turn into one later. 

   You can invite them to join a Facebook group, retain them in your contact list, or simply message them from time to time to keep them engaged.
     However, When a potential lead does qualify themselves through a chatbot dialogue, you can easily alert your sales team about it. They can step in for a live chat with the potential lead and close the deal.

Because messenger marketing is a two way communication method, it gives you a better opportunity to talk, and listen, to your leads – instantly. 

    You can build relationships with customers through non-intrusive personalized messaging and tailored content that keeps your brand in their mind to keep coming for more
    However, When a potential lead does qualify themselves through a chatbot dialogue, you can easily alert your sales team about it. They can step in for a live chat with the potential lead and close the deal.

    A chat blast is a message that you can send to your entire Messenger mailing list. A single blast can reach thousands of potential customers with any variety of marketing messages. 

       Because you’re using Facebook Messenger as your platform, you can expect to get 80% open rates and 40% click-through rates within sixty minutes!

    With a chatbot installed, you have the ability to deliver your rewards & loyalty programs directly to your customers. This helps to drive repeat business & grow your customer lifetime value.

Messenger marketing is growing fast, but is still in it’s infancy. If your competition are neglecting Facebook Messenger, they’re missing out.
Don’t miss the chance to get a head start.
Becoming an early adopter in this evolving channel puts you one step ahead of everyone in your industry, and means you can reach customer’s they can’t – an invaluable advantage!

Chatbots take on the burden of repetitive, time-consuming tasks and allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business. 

       By not always having an employee of VA dedicated to answering questions and book meetings with prospects, chatbots make it easier to scale lead generation for you without you picking up a finger.
       Let chatbots perfectly handle all of the monotonous stuff and allow your employees to focus 100% on valuable tasks that really require a human touch.

      Also, Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ads boost up to 95% lower Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) the traditional Facebook Ads.

Chatbots decrease wait times for sales departments by automating the sales and booking processes.

        A chatbot can automate the sales process from the first interaction with a lead. For example, when it comes to appointment setting, a chatbot can help make reservations, schedule appointments, make changes to their reservation, check the status of their appointment, give directions, and much more.

         This also helps eliminate the factor of human error and thus alleviate conversion.

Nowadays, we live in a demanding generation that expects a response in seconds.

      The good thing is that 40% don’t care if they are getting help from a human or chatbot. Moreover, 48% of consumers would rather connect via live chat than any other means of contact, due to a demand for rapid response rates.

      A chatbot ensures a 24/7 availability to answer all the questions your prospects. This means that you can interact with customers anywhere even while you sleep. 

Capture, educate and nurture leads with far better engagement and interaction than email. Chatbot messaging has the best metrics in digital marketing, with 80% open rates and 25% click-through-rate, Messenger beats every other channel.

    Your chat with your customers takes place on Facebook Messenger. Users can access the chat on their phone or their desktop, not just on your website, and the best thing about it is they remain on your contact list until they choose to unsubscribe.

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Why We Use Facebook Messenger?

Many of your customers like to spend a large part of their connected time in chat apps. How do we know? Well, 2 Billion people now use chat apps. So it’s likely that some of these 2 Billion are your potential customers.

      But not all messenger apps are created equally. If you want to make an impact, choosing the right one is vital. Facebook Messenger is the number one choice for your messenger marketing efforts. Here are all the best reasons why:


Monthly Active Businesses on Facebook Messenger


Messages are exchanged between customers and businesses every month on Messenger

Access To

1.3 Billion Daily User Worldwide

More Than

2 Million Downloads A Month

Everyone Is There!

It’s Facebook. The app on everyone’s phone. The Silicon Valley powerhouse that’s all but monopolized consumer attention for the last decade. Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion active users, so it’s guaranteed that your target market are already there – ready for when your message lands. The scale of Facebook Messenger’s reach is the most compelling reason for making it the app of choice for your messenger marketing plans.

It’s Built For The Job

Some messenger apps are simply enhanced SMS replicas, popular because of their cross-platform familiarity. Facebook Messenger is designed to be maximized by marketers with embedded image galleries and call to action buttons. It’s many integrations are as perfect for capturing customer details and as they are for natural two-way communication.
         It’s a dream for anyone aiming to build up a base of brand fans and continue previous, personal conversations naturally. It’s just as ideal for sending offers and promotions to just the right people.

The Ad Machine

Facebook is home to a powerful ad platform that attracts, engages and captures leads. Directing those same people to a messaging conversation on the same app creates a better opportunity to convert.
         No other messaging app can create that customer journey, so choosing to build ads on one platform and talk to them on another would be a waste of your time and an extra step for the customers you want to build relationships with.

The Bigger Picture

Facebook Messenger is part of Facebook’s larger plan to transition from a traditional social media timeline to a specialised messaging service. As the owners of WhatsApp and Instagram, they are perfectly placed to develop the largest messaging hub in the world. In fact, they already have plans to. As your customers move over to messaging communities, why would you not want to be at the forefront of that marketing opportunity?

Customers Love It

There’s nothing customers like more than a personal, direct conversation with the organization they want to do business with. In fact, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. They want quick replies that don’t sound stuffy and robotic – easy to achieve with or without automated responses on Facebook Messenger.
        Because all conversations are initiated by the customer, there’s nothing spammy or unwelcome about the conversations. So you know your engaging with a willing party and your customers know any messages they receive are from a company they wanted to speak to.

A Chance To Be Heard

Marketing is a number’s game, not everyone you speak to is going to buy from you, but older marketing techniques are saturated – meaning very few people will even hear what you have to say.
         Messenger marketing is uniquely placed to actually be seen. It reaches people wherever they are, on any device they are using. Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion active users, and when you communicate with someone, they’re notified immediately – no wonder the open rates are 7x greater than email!

A List That Works

Messenger marketing still allows you to build a list of leads, but it’s so much more than just an email address and first name. Far from being reluctant recipients of a one-size-fits-all email campaign, your prospects can receive messages that match their position in your customer cycle, based on information they have given you.
       It’s organically automated, so it works for them because it’s more natural and it works better for you because you can manage the conversation in a way that leads to more sales! Standing still in business can be fatal, and the way you communicate with your customer’s is no exception. If you aren’t speaking to your customer’s on the platforms they are actually on, in a way that really engages with them, you’ll notice your messages are less effective and your conversions will continue to plummet

Our Chatbot Plans

Starter Bot

Get Leads & Subscribers
$ 99 Monthly
  • $1,000 Setup Fee
  • Lead Generation Bot
  • 1 Lead Opt-In Sequence
  • Bot Setup, Implementation & Management
  • Complete Bot Monitoring & Support
  • Up To 30 Interactions
  • Build Messenger Subscriber List
  • Full Conversation Script
  • Messenger Autoresponder
  • Send Promo Content & Offers
  • Free Professional Consultation

Premium Bot

Qualify & Recommend
$ 399 Monthly
  • $2,000 Setup Fee
  • Lead Generation + Qualification & Customer Support Bot (OR Product Recommendation Bot)
  • Bot Setup, Implementation & Management
  • Complete Bot Monitoring & Support
  • 2 Lead Opt-In Sequences
  • Up To 70 Interactions
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Full Conversation Script
  • Build Messenger Subscriber List
  • Messenger Auto-Responder
  • Qualify & Segment Leads
  • CRM Integration
  • Send Content & Offers
  • Free Professional Consultation

Advanced Bot

Custom Integrations & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
$ 799 Monthly
  • $3,500 Setup Fee
  • Conversational AI
  • Customer Support
  • The perfect blend of Humans and AI
  • Mobile Wallet Integration
  • Bot Setup, Implementation & Management
  • Zapier/API Integrations
  • Complete Bot Monitoring & Support
  • 2 Lead Opt-In Sequences
  • Up To 75 Interactions
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Full Conversation Script
  • Build Messenger Subscriber List
  • Messenger Auto-Responder
  • Qualify & Segment Leads
  • CRM Integration
  • Send Promo Content & Offers
  • Free Professional Consultation

Bot Maintenance & Support

If you already have a messenger chatbot implemented, but not getting any of your desired results, just submit a ticket to the best chatbot development company.
$ 500+ Depending on Issue
  • Professional Consultation
  • Messenger Marketing + Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Bot Design, Setup, Implementation

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