CRM Development

        CRM integration is the seamless connectivity between your customer relationship management (CRM) software and a third party applications or digital resources (e.g your website). Integrations result in automated actions that expand the functionality of your software, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between systems.

         Quite often the ideal solution is to get these systems talking, to reduce the need for manual processes, which can cause error and duplication with disastrous consequences at worst, and waste time or cause unnecessary work at best. Integrating these systems can solve a multitude of issues and help to drive your organization forward.

Crm Integration With Website

Benefits of CRM Integration With Website

 Your website is often the first place that people visit and start to share their information with you. This is why it should be the primary system to integrate with your CRM to get all that information into your CRM platform, to ensure that your team has the latest sales leads, all in one place.

      At Growth Citadel we believe data integration does not have to be painful.  We take pride in integrating software that offers the best possible performance and customer experience.

CRM integration for your website is good for your business. It means less time spent manually entering customer details into your CRM from multiple inlets and more leads generated than ever before. But that’s not where is ends, there are a lot more benefits involved:

Instant Access To Real-Time Data

CRM integration with your website gives you instant access to your most up-to-date data. This is a particular benefit when communicating with customers because you will have the latest data related to the profile and order and can provide better customer service. Also, contacts can be messaged quickly by email and phone calls can be documented and scheduled.

Central Source Of Accurate Data

CRM integration enables all organizational contacts and interactions to be stored in one place, reducing time required to assemble a mailing list or find someone’s contact information. All inquiries, donations, or other interactions through the website are automatically recorded in the CRM system. You’ll avoid the potential for data duplication in your database and can greatly enhance your marketing efforts by having accurate counts of donors, participants, event attendees, partners, media contacts or other relevant groups.

Improved Customer Experience

Users are not disoriented by having to move between different interfaces to complete a desired task, which often decreases completion rates. An integrated configuration means users always stay within the website.

Improved Customer Profiling/Better Visibility of Customer Behaviour

Having a single file of data on your customers is an invaluable bonus to efficiency and accurate account management. Good marketing, conversion, and profile management are all about data. Knowing who your customers are, how often they return to the website, and what items they prefer to look at can be directed into an integrated CRM which, in turn, will come together as a comprehensive view. This allows you to target not just your imagined buyer personas but real, data-rich customer profiles.

Automated Processes & Increased Productivity

Think about the wasted effort involved with exporting data from your website and then importing into the CRM. It’s even worse when it has to be done with manual copy-and-paste. There’s also the danger that the data is never recorded at all in the CRM. CRM-to-website integration automates tasks between both systems, thereby increasing employee productivity and saving your business time.

Shortened Sales Cycle

Many businesses spend lots of time and money creating great content and contact forms on their websites in the hope that potential customers will reach out. When your website is integrated with your CRM, your team will have up-to-the-minute, accurate data to work with. This can shorten the sales process and boost conversion rates.

Instant Automatic Data Updates

Your CRM may be designed to hold all the data but your website is where the action happens. Customers make purchases through your product pages, contact customer support through your contacts page, leave comments, and subscribe to newsletters that interest them. Wouldn’t it be great if all this information was not only in your CRM, but automatically available the moment it occurred? Of course it would, and a fully integrated CRM can do just that, sharing all the most recent data with every possible department who are then free to make use of it.

Improved Response Time

CRM-to-website integration give you immediate access to your data which in turn can reduce your response times in areas such as acknowledging and following up on new orders and dealing quickly with customer feedback. One of the most discouraging experiences a customer can have is when their messages or requests for support slip through the cracks, which can occur easily in a non-integrated help desk environment.

We're Here For You!

CRMs are smart, even intuitive, when set up correctly and can be configured to provide incredibly useful actions in response to website activity. Integrating yours with your website can open up a world of better management possibilities you probably didn’t know existed. 

            No more having to check messages in order to know if a customer has contacted support. Instead, an integrated CRM is more than capable of sending a chiming alert to get the attention of the exact right staff member based on customer location and keywords in their message.

           Whether you have just opened a business or are preparing to celebrate your 50th founding day, you have every reason to integrate your CRM into your business website in order to speed up your processes, reduce administration overhead, and drastically increase customer experiences.

  We’ve integrated SharpSpring, Hubspot, Salesforce, MailChimp, Podio, Dropbox and Pipedrive into websites for clients. We can also set up Google and Facebook advertising campaigns and track clicks right through to the inquiry forms to measure ROI.

So, just submit the form on the right and let’s improve you customer relationships, boost lead generation and stay ahead of your competition.