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Custom CMS development services

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Use case: Mutilingual website

We all know that having a multilingual website can allow a business to break into new markets and cater to different audiences in other regions of the world. Our custom content management system development solutions are essential if you need a multilingual website and want to automate the website translation process. But it doesn't stop there. You can even customize the content, elements, and styles and optimize the site for multilingual SEO to suit diverse audience trends and to completely localize your site.

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Use case: Dealerships, hotels, and dating sites

There's no limit to what a business website can achieve with custom CMS development. It enables completely custom web design and streamlines your content creation and development process. A custom CMS website is great for developing dating portals, job portals, forums, networking portals, dynamic restaurant menus, and so much more. You can also integrate appointment scheduling systems, online payment systems, dynamic forms, shopping carts, web analytics, and even 3rd Party API integrations.

What is a CMS website?

Content management system (CMS) platforms are software that allows you to create, edit, manage, and automate the web content on a site with relative ease and without much coding experience. Hence, a CMS website that is developed and managed using CMS software.

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WDIP is a full-stack web design and development company that specializes in custom content management system development for businesses of all sizes. Our custom content management system (CMS) development services enable businesses to have a robust, feature-rich, and versatile website that can be integrated with almost anything on the internet. A custom CMS allows you to take full control of your website by integrating complex and dynamic developments like custom dashboards and portals, custom dynamic forms, appointment booking integrations, e-commerce automations, 3rd party integrations, payment systems, and so much more.

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Best platforms for content management systems (CMS) development services

Here at Growth Citadel, we understand that no two businesses are alike and each individual business has its unique needs to succeed, that’s why we took the time and effort to hone and perfect our skills on the best and most innovative CMS platforms out there. We develop websites on both commercial and open-source CMS platforms. Here are some of the most popular content management systems we work with:


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Strategic Planning

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Audit & Assurance

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Why develop your website using a custom CMS

Custom CMS solutions are essential for most business websites, regardless of size or type. As an elite CMS solutions company, we use the most innovative CMS platforms to make scalable and cutting-edge websites for businesses of all sizes. We make sure to incorporate completely customized, fully branded layouts that seamlessly adjust according to the device’s screen dimensions. Moreover, the content management systems we build the website with can be maintained and managed by multiple users, so you won’t have to be continuously going back and forth with your web developer or webmasters.

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Complete control of website design and content

Regardless of the complexity and diversity of your business, our custom content management system solutions can streamline the process of uploading media like PDF documents and videos, enable searching and sorting capabilities of the content, creating dynamic content like forms and questionnaires, and populating the content on your web pages. This way you won’t have to be spending time constantly adding content to the website or going back and forth with your web developers just to make some changes on the website.

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A well-rounded marketing strategy

Our custom CMS solutions help place our clients’ businesses at least 10 steps ahead of their competition because we carryout thorough on-page SEO on the website, followed by specialized integrations specific to the business, for example, an e-commerce website will be developed fully equipped with all the digital marketing tools it needs to sell its products, such as email marketing, custom visitors analytics and tracking, tax calculation, shipping options configuration and so much more.

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Affordable and easy update and maintenance

We provide custom CMS solutions are an easy and cheap way of adding, managing and maintaining content on your website. The CMS platforms we use are very flexible and offer a great way of automatically updating the plugins and continuous security updates that keep your website safe and secure. You can easily make changes and updates to your website without writing a single line of code or looking for additional help from web developers or webmasters.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. We can migrate your already existing website to a better software or content management system (CMS). We know that this can be a very daunting, because it can result in a loss of  existing traffic if not done right. We use our experience to ensure that this transition goes through as smoothly as possible.  

We begin by providing you with a detailed price quote with payment terms. If we reach an agreement, we’ll send you an invoice for the first payment. We usually change upfront or at least 50% of the total cost of the project, that way we can afford to fund the cost of the tools we’ll be using to create your website.

A custom CMS website can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks to complete depending on the scope of the project. On average, it takes us about 2-6 weeks to perfect most custom CMS websites.

We give our clients as many rounds of revisions as required while building their website to make any rectifications that they desire. We can also offer to add or remove anything from a website within 3 months of us creating it. We also offer discounted monthly management fees for any website we create. We know customer support is unfortunately a lost art in many website design companies, but rest assured that we consider it one of the most important aspects of what we do and critical to our long-term success.

Yes. All our websites are custom designed to be completely mobile-friendly (responsive). With Google indexing mobile devices before other devices, responsive design is more important now more than ever. This is why we design and test website on cellphones first.

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