Industries we serve

We are specialists, not generalists.

We have a lot of experience working with a range of industries, but there are a few that we've mastered.

We are not a “one size fits all” type of agency. We offer tailor-made solutions geared towards certain industries and have had the privilege to work with businesses that fall under these categories and have solved most of the problems they run into while trying to grow their businesses. 

We know these industries from the inside and out, and the knowledge and expertise we gained is the secret to our greater than usual results.

However, we also offer a la carte services, which can be successfully implemented for a wider range of business niches. If you don’t find your niche listed, don’t be discouraged, and don’t be shy to get in touch, as we are open to working with a lot of businesses, or might be able to point you to a more suitable digital services provider.

Home Services.

Home services marketing

We're here for all home services businesses who want a more reliable way of generating clients, but don't know how or haven't found the right agency fit. It's easy to grow your business with us--we've got the solutions just right up our sleeves (and on your clients' screens). From local SEO strategy down through social media marketing services...you name it, we're got you covered - because every aspect of your marketing has to be precisely crafted so that you show up where your potential clients are looking.
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Small Businesses.

Small businesses marketing

Our digital growth services are designed to help your small business grow with every step of the process. We'll provide you the right tools and knowledge necessary for your small business to not only grow but be positioned to thrive.
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Real Estate.

Real estate marketing

At We Dream In Pixels, we understand how difficult it can be for realtors and real estate agencies to find a reliable and cost-effective way to market themselves. That's why we have digital marketing services tailored with just you in mind! From your listing website to SEO and advertising - we've got you covered!
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Software and tech.

Technology marketing

You're here because you believe in your technology company and so do we. We believe that most tech products have merit and deserve to be successful. We help technology and software companies grow more sales using tailored digital growth hacking strategies to help you stay competitive and ahead of the competition in today's competitive technology market.
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Ecommerce & retail

Ecommerce and Retail marketing

Consider us your go-to team for eCommerce digital marketing and web design. Our experts will help your business grow with our cutting-edge strategies, creating a more overall engaging user experience that drives sales for eCommerce and retail. We help your company like yours stand out in the competitive digital marketplace with our web design and marketing services.
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Health & wellness

Health and wellness marketing

WDIP specializes in digital growth services for health and wellness businesses, helping you to a powerful digital footprint in a very competitive market. We offer a full suite of services that'll help you identify your ideal customers, align with them, and properly promote your offering to them.
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Construction marketing

In an ever-changing and unpredictable construction industry, it can be difficult sometimes to keep up with your competitors. And that's why we are here! As a top-tier web development and digital marketing and agency, we provide customized solutions to cater specifically towards what makes your business unique - whether it is to revamp your digital presence or to position your company to sign those bigger contracts.
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Automotive marketing

We've learned firsthand that the automotive market is a challenging, yet rewarding one. We've also mastered the art and science of marketing an automotive business, from dealerships to body shops. If you're in need of more leads, calls, and sales to your automotive business, then look no further, we've got what it takes to get the word out!
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A brief introduction to some of the unique business niches we help:

Vegan restaurants fall under the health and wellness industries that we offer marketing services to. This picture depicts it.

Vegan restaurants

Land surveyor fall under the real estate industries that we offer marketing services to. This picture depicts it.

Land surveyors

Auto glass and tints fall under the automotive industries that we offer marketing services to. This picture depicts it.

auto glass and tints

We Dream In Pixels Pest control industries page picture

Pest control

We Dream In Pixels Security guards industries page picture

security guards service

We Dream In Pixels Halfway houses industries page picture

Halfway houses

We Dream In Pixels Auto repair industries page picture

Auto repair shops

We Dream In Pixels Marble contractors industries page picture

Marble contractors

We Dream In Pixels 3D printing industries page picture

Prefab houses

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