Thrill Tables

Launching and scaling an e-commerce brand from $0 to a 5-figure a month business.



Our client is an e-commerce company that specializes in branded game tables for general consumers, shared living spaces, and office spaces. They bootstrapped throughout the entire process from product sourcing to advertising. Every single penny had to be allocated to the right task.

They worked with WDIP through every single step of growth. From developing their website on WordPress and WooCommerce to launching and scaling their ads.

Services rendered.

Technology Leveraged.


Our client decided to bootstrap their business idea without any investor money and were getting into a hypercompetitive market selling the same products as the big e-commerce players the likes of Walmart and Amazon. 


Website Development

We had two main options when it came to developing the e-commerce website, Shopify and WooCommerce(for WordPress). Shopify development is easier and less technical but we ended up choosing WooCommerce because it allowed us more robust marketing and advertising integrations, gave us complete design freedom, and enabled us to have complete control over the search engine optimization for each product and category page. 

Digital Campaign Management

Google and Bing Ads

We restructured Search Campaigns to reflect the marketing funnel by splitting ad groups to match ad copy and paused unprofitable keywords.

We leveraged Smart Shopping by rewriting the product descriptions and utilized better images. This, in conjunction with setting bidding goals based on LTV, effectively optimized the feed data.

Facebook Ads

We restructured campaigns to reflect the stages in the customer journey by implementing new ad types and best practices. Additionally, we created specific ads and ad copy for different audiences; whether they were previous visitors, new, or site visitors who had not purchased.

Email marketing

We created an email marketing schedule and prioritized improving abandoned cart email flows. We improved abandoned cart email flows by changing the email copy, the number of emails sent out, and the number of days after cart abandonment for the initial email to hit the potential customer’s inbox.

Marketing Analytics

We analyzed various marketing platforms and their revenue attribution to identify LTV for the company. Based on our extensive analysis, we reallocated budgets allowing for a substantial increase in revenue.


About the client:

Thrill Tables is an online niche store that specializes in a curated collection of the best game tables. They operate and generate all their revenue through e-commerce.


Westminster, CA




Taking their website to a new level

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