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Resurrecting an Orange County bridal shop in 3 months.



Our client owns a family-run bridal studio in Orange County, California. They specialize in making bridal dresses look unique and fit perfectly. They have a strong reputation in Orange County and provide great service but were struggling with getting new clients. Success for this bridal shop is determined by the ability to continue to offer their services to new more new brides.

They brought us on at a time when their studio lost most of its online presence and primary source of new clients. They were struggling with growth, but quickly realized that their marketing efforts were both now working and becoming too much of a burden to manage.

Services rendered.

Technology Leveraged.


L’Mode Bridal approached WDIP in the spring of 2020, eager to find a way to consistently generate new leads and clients to their bridal studio in the competitive Tustin, California area. After having established its reputation in Orange County through its great service, L’Mode wanted to build a great website to improve customer trust and showcase their previous projects. However, without people finding the website, it would practically be useless.


The right website.

WDIP worked with L’Mode Bridal’s owner Dorie to identify their ideal client and build our marketing strategy around it. We then began to plan, design, and develop a WordPress website around that ideal client. By focusing on the marketing and sales capabilities of the website first, we were confident that our efforts would result in a meaningful outcome.

Showing up where customers are looking.

L’Mode lost most of its online presence prior to contacting WDIP when its website was wiped out clean due to a server error. This is a very typical occurrence for a lot of small businesses where the owner is also the webmaster, SEO expert, and marketing strategist. The good thing is that they reached out to a top SEO services company. With our advanced SEO expertise, we were able to establish a solid strategy to regain and amplify their website traffic.


About the client:

L’Mode Bridal was started by Dorie Kong, within 4 months of her moving from Malaysia to California.

Prior to L’Mode Bridal, she was operating her own dress-making institute in Malaysia, where she was teaching students the art and science of dressmaking.

Besides bridal dresses, she’s created pageant gowns and boosted their scoring points to be placed in the top 5 and many of them had captured queen titles both on the state and national level. She is overall an expert in making custom, one-of-a-kind gowns and dresses for anyone that wants to look exclusive and feel sexy.


Tustin, CA


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Taking their website to a new level

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